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  • Dr.
    Trevor Crane

    Dr. Trevor Crane is a licensed Chiropractor serving the Great Falls, Montana community.

    Dr. Trevor Crane has been freeing many people from pain in his Great Falls, MT clinic. As a Chiropractor with experience, Dr. Crane is committed to promoting optimal health and well being of patients.

    Dr. Crane uses a 'whole person approach'. This approach to wellness means looking for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function. Using this unique approach, Dr. Crane is able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health.

    Dr. Crane's journey into Chiropractic began before he was even born. By age two, his mother could not walk with out holding a wall, table or the boarder collie farm dog that was used as a crutch.  Dr. Crane's mother was born premature and developed a growth plate injury from the time that she was born to the age of 2.  Her growth plate injury resulted in one leg being shorter than the other, which affects her spine, pelvis and nerve function and is still an inch shorter than the other leg today. She was taken to many specialist and received many supportive devices with no improvements.  My grandparents were told to try a Chiropractor, which they knew nothing about.  They took her in and she received one treatment with no changes. After her second treatment, she could walk on her own, without holding anything. She visits the Chiropractor on a regular basis and has taken all seven of her children for treatment at a very early age. His family became a very healthy family.  After many undeniably positive health improvements between friends and family, Dr. Crane did some research and decided to become a Chiropractor himself.

    Dr. Crane graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas with both Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor in Anatomy degrees.  He relocated his family to Midland/Odessa Texas to become the primary clinic director of Odessa Injury and Rehabilitation, that was owned by the President of the Texas Chiropractic Association, Dr. Hollander.  The clinic was a CARF certified clinic. This clinic was a parent clinic to Hollander Chiropractic of Midland, that Dr. Crane also became the director of.  Odessa Injury and Rehabilitation received the severe injury cases that required a multi-disciplinary approach.  Dr. Crane operated this multi-disciplinary clinic working directly with an in house Orthopedic Doctor, pain management Medical Doctor, Physical Therapist, Exercise Physiologists, Neurologists (referred) and a Psychologist.  Dr. Crane was the first to evaluate, diagnose and treated the patients, as well as directed their cases to various practitioners.  He personally rehabilitated pre and post surgical cases, with many rehabilitation cases being spinal fusions and many more that were able to steer free of surgery.  This approach to care resulted in accurate diagnoses and a very high recovery rate.

    Dr. Crane relocated his family to Great Falls, Montana, to practice closer to his parents and siblings.  He treats all ages, with patients as young as a few days old up to 97 years old.  He utilizes many methods of treatment to adapt to your age, joint condition and symptoms, so that you are comfortable and experience the results that are desirable.  Dr. Crane loves what he does and would love to help anyone that is willing to become healthy and have there life restored.